A Recipe for Success

Check out what's cooking with the West Shore Academy students.

This past school year, we provided Mr. Tom Dever an Educator Innovation Grant for the West Shore Academy's Lifetime Health and Wellness Project. This project was initiated by the WSA students' desire to learn how to prepare nutritious, delicious, and healthy home cooked meals. The grant supported the purchase of a 17-piece cookware set, a portable induction cooktop, a crockpot, hot pad set, and trivet set. The students have now learned skills to cook for themselves and their families both now and in the future, and they have put together a cookbook of their recipes. They have learned how cook the following:

👩‍🍳Shrimp Alfredo (homemade sauce)
👩‍🍳Honey Chicken and Fried Rice
👩‍🍳Pan Fried Sirloin and Mac and Cheese (béchamel sauce)
👩‍🍳Amish Chicken Corn Soup with homemade rivels
👩‍🍳Rice Crispy treats
👩‍🍳Stovetop Apple Crisp
👩‍🍳Compound Butter

We are #WestShoreProud of how well these students are doing with this program, and we are looking forward to seeing what they cook up next!

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